Stop the Bleed


A few months after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, a group of Federal government and healthcare leaders created the Hartford Consensus to explore training the public to become immediate responders to active shooter events.

Stop the Bleed is a national awareness campaign intended to encourage bystanders to become trained, equipped and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives.

The East Texas Emergency Nurses Association (ETENA) has a goal to train all ETENA members to become trainers themselves and to collaborate with other emergency/trauma agencies to train all East Texans in this important life-saving skill.

ETENA is partnering with local emergency response/trauma agencies and UT Tyler to bring free classes to the community.

Search for Classes in East Texas  

Anyone can take the class.  You, your spouse, and even your children.  Stop the Bleed is a 1 hour, free course that teaches the lay person to identify and respond to uncontrolled bleeding.  Everyone should have this skill – just like CPR and First Aid.  Here’s how to find courses in your area:

Through a partnership with University of Texas at Tyler and Longview Fire Department, ETENA sponsors monthly Stop the Bleed classes at the Longview Campus of UT Tyler located at 3201 North Eastman Road.  Use this link to find dates and register for a class:

Become an Instructor

ETENA is part of a collaborative to offer STB to the public.  We have many opportunities to help teach.  Once you have taken the class, as an RN, you can teach a class.  All classes require 1 instructor per 8 participants, so we need extra hands to help us teach courses.  We need your help!

  • Take the STB course.
  • Get copy of your certificate of completion from course instructor
  • Go to and click on “Instructor” tab. Follow instructions to register as an instructor.  In a few days you will get an email granting you permission to co-instruct.  You will be given access to instructor resources.

Ready to Teach?

If you want to teach your own group (community, workplace, church…) or help out in other courses, contact Lee Walker or Katheryn Courville.  We can help you find classes to teach or lend you training materials (simulated limbs with wounds and practice tourniquets).

STOP THE BLEED® Front Line Families Scholarships
Sponsored by Z-Medica, Stop the Bleed Coalition, and Amp Your Good

The COVID-19 pandemic has given us all better appreciation of the important role that so many play in making our country work – all of those who perform their work on the Front Line – making sure we have food, teaching our children, taking care of us in hospitals and caring for the elderly. These Front Line workers join the people we usually think about – our police, our firefighters, EMTs and those serving in the military.

The Front Line Families Scholarships are being offered to high school students who have a parent or guardian who has been on the Front Line this past year.

To apply, write an essay or make a short video telling us your family’s story – what your parent(s) or guardian(s) have been doing on their frontline and what you learned from that. 

Learn more