Stop the Bleed


Urgent need for 5 STB co-instructors to teach in Tyler:

  • 9/19 Thursday 7:00-8:00pm (arrive at 6:45pm).  Tyler Amateur radio club, Shiloh Road Church of Christ, 1801 Shiloh Rd (Shiloh & Paluxy).
  • 10/31 Thursday 1:00pm-2:00pm (arrive at 1245). TJC, Robert M. Rogers Nursing & Health Sciences Bldg, 1200 E. 5th St, Room 131

See below for instructions on signing up to be co-instructor.

A few months after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, a group of Federal government and healthcare leaders created the Hartford Consensus to explore training the public to become immediate responders to active shooter events.

Stop the Bleed is a national awareness campaign intended to encourage bystanders to become trained, equipped and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives.

The East Texas Emergency Nurses Association (ETENA) has a goal to train all ETENA members to become trainers themselves and to collaborate with other emergency/trauma agencies to train all East Texans in this important life-saving skill.

ETENA is partnering with local emergency response/trauma agencies and UT Tyler to bring free classes to the community.


Search for classes in East Texas: 

Anyone can take the class.  You, your spouse, and even your children.  Stop the Bleed is a 1 hour, free course that teaches the lay person to identify and respond to uncontrolled bleeding.  Everyone should have this skill – just like CPR and First Aid.  Here’s how to find courses in your area:

Become an Instructor

ETENA is part of a collaborative to offer STB to the public.  We have many opportunities to help teach.  Once you have taken the class, as an RN, you can teach a class.  All classes require 1 instructor per 8 participants, so we need extra hands to help us teach courses.  We need your help!

Become an instructor:

    • Take the STB course. Find available courses in East Texas on the One East Texas STB Registration (be sure to choose the PARTICIPANT registration) or on Bleeding
    • Get copy of your certificate of completion from course instructor
    • Go to and click on “Instructor” tab. Follow instructions to register as an instructor.  In a few days you will get an email granting you permission to co-instruct.  You will be given access to instructor resources.

Help teach an existing course:

    • Go to One East Texas STB Registration scroll down to the Instructor dates (after ‘participant’ dates). These classes need co-instructors to help demonstrate skills. (Note:  We add to these courses frequently.  You can go back and submit for other classes as you like)

Be ‘on-call’ to teach:

    • This is important. Sometimes we need more instructors, or a class is last-minute and we need to find instructors fast.  If you are willing to be contacted for these classes (email or text), sign up for our On-Call Roster.  You are NOT obligated to respond/work these requests.

Teach your own course:

    • If you want to teach your own group (community, workplace, church…), but need equipment and/or advice. Contact Lee Walker or Katheryn Courville.

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